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Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Teacherdo List

Tomorrow is August 1st, which means I have a little less than a month to go before the new school year gets underway. So I've put together a little To Do list of things that need to be accomplished before August 27th.

1) Brush up on my times tables -- 6 X 9 is close to 60, but since I teach math, I need to relearn my multiplication facts.

2) Give blood -- the 2nd-grade teachers have already informed me that I will have "the class from hell" this year, so when the vein in my temple bursts, I want to be sure I have a replacement supply on hand.

3) Fix the pencil sharpener -- one of my angels broke it last year when I wasn't around, and now when you put a pencil into it, it makes a horrible sound that makes me think that somewhere, a unicorn is dying.

4) Continue my attempts to conjure paper out of thin air -- since my school has been cutting the number of copies we can make every year, I expect we'll be able to give every student one half-page assignment every six weeks.

5) Get all of my shots -- to protect against influenza, scarlet fever, pink eye, SARS, mad cow disease, Asian bird flu, Alabama armadillo affliction, and Dutch elm disease.

Doubtlessly, more tasks will be added before the 27th. But this will at least get me started. Feel free to suggest any on YOUR To Do list...


100 Farmers said...

6)Learn how to wear shoes again. Flip flops don't count.

Kristine said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
HappyChyck said...

Literally ROFLMAO. Thanks for the reality check.

Singing Fat Girl said...

you forgot the ebolla virus (sp?) and the plague. Love your post!

BVGrover said...

figure out how to incorporate yet another theme into education. mandated from above, but expected to be another out of pocket expense that will "look good"

Haul all more summer finds back to school

Unknown said...

School starts for me too, but of another kind- i'm going back to grad school! 5 things I

need to do:

1. Brush up on my APA writing
2. Get an International Driver's License
3. Get my Visa. Have to leave in 4 weeks and still no visa!!
4. Figure out how to carry my house with me (or find good sources for upholstery in Boston)
5. Choose between Dennis Littky (Education is everyone's Business- Reading #2) , Khaled Hosseini (Thousand Splendid Suns) and Miss JK Rowling (Harry Potter- I've read the last

book, now for the first 6!) to provide readable materials on the flight. Given that we'll be

in the air for 14 hrs, I could probably see what all three have to say!

i'm no longer with blogger, my new address is The Red Pencil

graycie said...

Practice smiling and nodding as I fade into the background and become invisible when approached for additional (unpaid) duty. (It's already happened, and school doesn't start until the 27th!.)

CaliforniaTeacherGuy said...

Where can I get me some of that Alabama armadillo affliction? I got a few folks I'd like to pass it on to!:-)

rookie teacher said...

Wow I can't believe school starts so soon again!

Anonymous said...

I loved your list, especially the sound of the dying unicorn.

You can find my list here:

Don't forget to schedule nice, pamper-yourself-activities!

Miss Melanoma said...

How about
6) start underground tunnel to parking lot in order to avoid principal's "suggestions" (you know, "We'd really think your class would benefit from afterschool tutoring!"
7) start Armageddon-style stock pile of Airborne and vodka
8) build a quarantine area for certain "carrier monkeys" that seem to have TB year round