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Thursday, May 17, 2007

Mother May I?

This evening was my school's annual International Festival. There are over 60 countries represented by students at my school, so everyone had really gone all out to dress festively, prepare native foods, and decorate the halls with the colors and information about many of these countries.

There were games outside, and food inside. And the fashion show, with kids (mostly) dressed in traditional attire from these nations, was really a lot of fun to watch.

But the thing that will stand out in my memory the most from this night was yet another example of one of my students demonstrating the fact that she has no common sense.

This student, A, saw my girlfriend and me walking around looking at all of the exhibits. So she waves at me to get my attention, and then she yells out, "Mister Teacher! Is that your mother?"

Ummmm, NO, wing nut! Just like the 13 year old next to me is not my grandfather!!

I think that this girl asked me that same question about a friend that had come to observe my classroom back in January. "Is that your mother?"

"Do you have any idea whatsoever how age works??"

It's almost like a twist on that children's story where the bird wanders around asking everyone, "Are you my momma??"

So I just want to warn everyone of this right now -- stand next to me at your own peril. Because if A sees us together, she might just think that you birthed me...


Kayla said...

Haha Mister Teacher...your blog can always brighten my day. Have a great weekend.

graycie said...

Our high school has about the same diversity of national origin, but an internaitonal festival would not work -- teenagers are sooooo busy becoming American and all acting exactly alike. A shame, really.

The scatter-brained assumptions? Universal.

Anonymous said...

I always get the, "Are you, like, 22?! You're as old as my grandpa!"

Mrs. T said...

Once, when looking at a recent photo of my husband that I had on my desk, a student asked if he was my son! I was 28 at the time.
Um, no. NO he's not.
The crazy thing, is that right now, I'm 37, and I'm OLDER than many of my high school students' parents.

Diane Strickland said...

I think A's comments are compliments. She must think you are so young-looking that your mother is likely to be lurking around keeping an eye on you!


Anonymous said...

Yikes! I hope your girlfriend wasn't offended!