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Monday, October 23, 2006

Put your head between your knees...

Monday Monday, just can't trust that day. Aside from the fact that we can always trust it to come bearing another lengthy staff meeting.

Our principal has decided this year that instead of one monthly staff meeting, we would have a staff meeting every single week. Hey, why not? If one meeting can bring so much joy to the faculty, think how much four (and sometimes five!) could produce!

At last week's meeting, we were all given a document roughly the size of the Greater Chicago phone directory and told to memorize it. Actually, we weren't tasked with committing it to memory, but we are responsible for knowing the details. It is the latest version of the Campus Crisis Plan. So at today's meeting, we reviewed it.

The crisis plan is supposed to tell us what to do in case a crazed gunman or some bomb-toting maniac wanders into the school. Basically, we lock the doors, pull the blinds, and cower beneath our desks. Oh, and we are also supposed to slide a green laminated sign under our door into the hallway, telling everyone that we are A-OK. Not surprisingly, many of us were wondering just who was going to see that sign, if we were all locked in our rooms. Are we putting out the sign for the benefit of the maniac stocking the halls? If so, should it really be the green sign, or the red "all is NOT OK" laminated sign? Or do we just slide out the green one, and then once the maniac starts trying to break down our door, slide out the red one -- real subtle-like?

In order to test our new knowledge, we played a mock version of Jeopardy. Hopefully, I am not the only one who sees the irony in this.

The real downer of the story is that I now have to slog through 6 1/2 more days until the next rapturous staff meeting...


HappyChyck said...

"Of course all is not okay! I'm locked in a room with 30 students, 10 of which are doing the pee-pee dance." That's what the sign should read.

We have a drill for the event that there is some sort of contaminate in the air that might kill us all. In the event of that happening, we are to tape up the insides of our doors with masking tape (2 inch kind) to keep the bad air out. So, in the drill we put a piece of tape on the outside of the door and lock ourselves in. I don't know, maybe this is a common drill in other places, too, but I feel like an idiot putting tape on outside of the door, knowing I'd really be expected to seal my door with the stuff in a "real event."

Mrs. T said...

Duck and cover!
Now really, if some maniac came into a building, armed with a semi-automatic weapon, couldn't they just shoot the door open? And couldn't those bullets shoot through the desk?
But at least they'll know if you're ok or not- good thinking on the laminated signs.
Enjoy your next 6 days!

Mister Teacher said...

Thanks a lot, happychyk! Now my blog is going to get even MORE hits from people looking for the phrase "pee-pee dance!"
And maybe it's just me, but I see a real problem with taping up your room, expecting to keep out the bad air... Just where is NEW air supposed to come from?