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Thursday, September 07, 2006

The Google Gourmet

If you use a stat counter site like, as I do, then you are able to see who is visiting your blog, as well as where they came from.
I don't mean that you get a report that says "Richard Fredrick from 123 Evergreen Terrace visited today at 3:45!"
But you do get a city, country, and ISP address, as well as the link that the person clicked to get there. For instance, if someone followed the link to this blog from the page where my book is being sold, it lists the referring link as If they clicked on a link from Mike in Texas' blog, it gets listed as
If someone surfs over to Learn Me Good as a result of a Google search, or a search from any directory, I get to see the search parameters that led them to me. And here's where my interest (concern?) is piqued.

I have noticed a LOT of hits that relate to two posts I have put up in the past few months. The first one dealt with the email that I received advising me that I could receive millions of dollars if I jus sent this guy a few pieces of personal information. The name of the guy who supposedly made me this offer is Dr. Nicholas Chile (go ahead, look back in the archives and confirm). There have been an unusual number of hits made from a search of "Nicholas Chile," and most of them are outside of the US! I guess this guy is wanted in Vietnam, Bangladesh, Bengal, etc, because they're all searching for him!

The other query of interest is more disturbing. I put up a post over the summer about kids abusing their bathroom privileges, and I titled it "Doing the pee-pee dance." There have been an alarming number of visitors to my site that have arrived there by way of search strings like "students cannot hold their bladder," or "students go pee pee." Sounds like a fetish, if you ask me.

One thing this definitey proves though is that the search engines ARE crawling my blog. So, in the interest of attracting a few more random visitors, I'm going to just throw out a few hot key words and sit back and watch the traffic roll in:

Pinch hitter
Atkins diet
Suri Cruise
The Lost Continent of Atlantis
Oprah's Book Club
Basalmic vinegar
Intercourse, Pennsylvania


Meg said...

I'm depressed now, I came to your site looking for Suri Cruise's new book on yetis in Intercourse, PA. Or at least a vinegar diet!!!

Mike in Texas said...

You forgot Paris Hilton, Nicole Richey and Barry Bonds

Mister Teacher said...

Meg, you're the 12th person to tell me that!! :)
I will be very frightened though if someone is searching for a pinch-hitting Yeti doing the pee pee dance...

Mike, I try my best to forget those 3 every day...

Anonymous said...

Don't feel bad. My search terms for this month alone include stuff like "up her skirt", "tsa economic forcasting", "gruesome crime scene photos", "employment benefits at sanrio", "airlines incontinence products", "making money selling cars", and "in a volatile stock market why is it important for investors to put together short-term and long-term financial plans?"

jeanne said...

that is hilarious!