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Monday, January 30, 2006

Science is a GAS

Well, as I expected, I got some interesting responses in terms of our three states of matter. Nobody expressed any kind of flatulence, though one boy did list a bunch of solid foods under "gas" that would give anyone gas. Baked beans, baked rice, baked everything.
Two kids put ketchup on their lists of liquids, so as you might expect from me, I immediately gave them both a grade of 500. And I don't want to hear from any engineering geeks out there about thixotropic solids and whatnot; from a 3rd grader, I will accept ketchup as a liquid.
The most entertaining entry came from a little girl whose list of liquids revealed a lot about her home life. First there was Bud Light. Then came Clamato. So naturally, the list ended with Pepto-Bismal.

1 comment:

Buffy said...

Good lord you Pearsons have a very unhealthy relationship with ketchup that I will never, ever understand.