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Sunday, January 29, 2006

Rain (and other liquids) is beautiful

Random thought of the day: Is it just me, or do the opening notes of the ubiquitous (and quite annoying) James Blunt song, "You're Beautiful" match up with the opening notes of the end theme song for the old Incredible Hulk TV show? Slow down the Blunt notes to about a quarter of the current speed, and you have the haunting Hulk harmony. . .

So we finally got some rain down here in big Tex!! After what seems like a seven year drought (and in my dream, I beheld seven ugly, gaunt cows), Saturday morning began with a monsoon! After all of the fires we've had down here (one was about a mile from my house 2 weeks ago!), hopefully this moisture will quell that.

I gave the kids science homework over the weekend. Tomorrow, they'll be turning in lists of items, separated into categories by Solids, Liquids, and Gases. It's always fun to read these lists and see what items have been misrepresented, and what unique items the kids put on their lists. So far, no one has listed Nightcrawler's smelly BAMF cloud or Terminator 2's liquid metal. I'm very curious to see if any bodily functions appear on the list. Last year, one boy did list "fart" under the gas column. Good for him for thinking outside the box. Just as long as he keeps things inside the bowl.

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