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Saturday, January 28, 2006

Pennywise makes an appearance

On Wednesday of this week, as my class was coming back inside from recess, several of my girls were telling me that somebody had seen a clown outside, and this clown had killed a kid. My mind immediately flashed back to the Stephen King story "It," but I thought surely no eight-year-old kid would have read that book or even have seen that very scary movie.
On Thursday, before any of the teacher realized what was going on, a huge group of third graders (about 50 or 60) was out in the far corner of the soccer field where there is a sewer grate. I went out to the field and chased them all back onto the playground, only to hear about twenty confirmations that there was a killer clown living down in the sewer.
So now, not only has somebody clearly been watching IT and spreading the story around, but I also get first hand proof that my kids are so brilliant that instead of running FROM a would-be killer clown, they would actually swarm CLOSER to it. (Have I told you that I do NOT work at a Vanguard school?)
Some of the students seem genuinely terrified, but the school counselor has been talking about it with them, trying to calm their fears. I can only hope that next week, nobody comes to school talking about a red and white 1958 Plymouth Fury that can drive by itself. . .


Danny said...

Maybe you should let all the kids watch "Brokeback Mountain" and they'll have so many questions they will forget about "It" and the killer clown.

Anonymous said...

Do any of the kids have inhalers that they can use to fight off the clown? ;)

Buffy said...

So, I am casually going through your blog, throwing in a comment or two here and there and suddenly . . . . bam! A scary freaking clown face! That face has permanently scarred my retina. Thanks.

Mister Teacher said...

Now you know how my kids feel. . .Apparently.