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Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Sum wrong answers

I gave a math test today, and the subject was addition. There were several computation problems to allow the kids to show (or disprove) their mastery of basic facts and regrouping, a couple of word problems, and one short answer question.

The question was, "What is the math word that means 'the answer to an addition problem?'"

I even talked about this question for a bit before the kids got started on the test. I told them that I just wanted one word that is another name for the answer we get when we add. This is definitely something that we have discussed before.

Out of 40 kids that took the test, I believe I had 15 that got the correct answer, "sum."

Here are the wrong answers I got:

Add (so obvious, yet so wrong)

The sain (in the membrane?)

Math addition (as opposed to social studies addition?)

Equal (nope, it's different)

Altogether (the process, but not the answer)

Standard Form (the answer is IN standard form, but that's not what it's called)

Fourty thousand ninety three (only for a VERY specific addition problem)

Add saharats (????)

The plus sign (the ANSWER is not called the plus sign!!)

Shug you whorek (I found this somewhat offending when I first read it, but then I realized he meant Show your work)

Regroup (Another random math word that does not answer the question)

Ah, vocabulary, my old nemesis, you win again!


Rachel said...

Unfortunately, I have some 6th graders who still do not know that word! When they have to set up algebraic problems based on words (ex. multiply the difference between 15 and 5 by the sum of 4 and 3), they can't do it. I have to review it with them ALL THE TIME. You'd think by now, they'd bother to memorize it since they keep getting them wrong ...

Judy Jacob said...

I have been following your blog for sometime... though this is my first comment here.

Thought would drop by and send you this site for your opinion before I start using it with my class.

Anonymous said...

While my kids did OK on that question I did also get some weird answers that differed from yours:
-wi add the number in wird from(wtf!)
-plos (at least your kid can spell plus)
-Estimete the sum

Christy said...

aren't kids grand?? =)

Mister Teacher said...

Rae, what is it with short term memory?? I mean, I know they're kids and all, but really, how do they not remember things from year to year, week to week, even day to day??

Anon, at least you had one of those answers that said sum!! :)
If given the numbers 8 and 14, please find the "7+8=15."

Columbia. . . GRAND! :)

Sarah Garb said...

Sounds like they did pretty well - as long as your grading rubric included the following categories: "Correct," "Partially Correct," and "Sounds Math-y."