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Thursday, March 23, 2006

Verr-Chin-ya Teecha in da howzzz

Have you seen those recent Volkswagen commercials? You know the ones, with that weird, kind of funny, kind of scary guy, saying, “Vee-Dub in da howz, ya.”
I thought it might be kind of funny if I talked like that in my class today. How bizarre would the kids think I was if I suddenly said, “Time to complete da verd prop-lum, ya!” Holding my hands at chest level, with three fingers up on each one.
Then I remembered that there are less than 20 days left until the big math test, and how I probably shouldn’t confuse the students now. I’ll stick with the familiar Mister Teacher persona for the time being.
But I might just keep Mista Teacha in my back pocket


Anonymous said...

ROFLMAO ... You wierdo! But, I loved it! Keep it in your pocket, Mister.

Anonymous said...
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