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Sunday, March 19, 2006

V for Vacation

Unfortunately, Spring Break is now over, and it’s time to return to the ways of the Western World. This means it’s back to work for poor slobs like me. I had a nice break, and it was great to have the time off to watch basketball (Go Duke!), but seeing as how there are only 22 school days left until the big math test, I guess it’s time to get back into the swing of things.
For anyone who wondered, Field Day was a lot of fun, and yes, I did race against the kids. The good news is none of them beat me. The not so good news is I’m getting older. In terms of speed, I am almost certainly still faster than all of them. Unfortunately, endurance, or, more accurately, the lack thereof, had to go and rear its ugly head. When we got to the sprinting event, I raced against several of the fastest kids from Mrs. Educator’s class. I even gave them about a 15-foot head start, twice, and I still beat them. However, those two sprints just about wore me out. At 2:30, my homeroom kids came running over, wanting to race against me. I had been telling them all year long that I would race against them on Field Day, so I felt somewhat obligated. I lined up alongside about 25 of the kids, and foolishly gave them a head start once again. This time, it was only about a 7 ft. head start, but I didn’t start as soon as they said go. I was able to beat all of them except one. I tied with K, who is a big girl who should be in the fourth grade but was retained. She was about 10 kids down the line from me, and some people started saying that she had won. Mrs. Educator insisted that the two of us race one more time, one on one, to determine the winner once and for all. My gas tank was completely on the E, but I could hardly back down at that point.
K and I raced one last time, this time with no head start. I’m sad to say that my legs were weaker than Carson Daly’s charisma by that time. I was pumping my arms and legs as fast as they would pump, and we crossed the finish line dead even. Oh well, at least none of them beat me. I never would have heard the end of it if they had.
I hope that everyone who filled out a March Madness bracket is enjoying some success. Unless of course you picked against Duke, in which case I wish you to leave right now. While I was home with my family over the break, my mom even tried to get my 16 month old nephew to make some picks. I didn’t stick around long enough to see him fill out the entire bracket, but I was there to witness his “upset special” of Oral Roberts over Memphis. The boy’s got onions, I’ll give him that. Had he been correct, I would have had to forget all about teaching, and taken the kid to Vegas.


Tabz said...

I love your blog! :)

I'm going to link to it.

Mister Teacher said...

Why thank you very much!

Feel free to come back anytime!

part-time thinker said...

"weaker than Carson Daly's charisma" priceless!

Mister Teacher said...

Yes, I was pretty darn proud of that one myself.