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Sunday, June 03, 2012

Summer Comedy Event!

Happy summer, everyone!!! Maybe it's just me, but this was an incredibly long and difficult school year, and I am exceptionally happy to be done with it and on to a bit of a break!

Or at least as much of a break as one can have with a less-than-a-month old son in the house. :)

So I've been collaborating recently with some other humor writers, and we've come up with a plan to hold an ongoing humor contest over the course of the summer.

Here's how it will work. One of us will post the beginning of a line on Twitter, maybe something along the lines of "I hate it when my pet lizard..." and you take a shot at finishing the line.

The entry judged to be the best by that week's author will win a copy of that author's book!

Each contest will run from Monday through Friday, with judging happening over the weekend. The majority of the contest will take place on Twitter and Facebook, and ideally, you will be exposed to some great new writers!

The first contest will begin this Monday, June 4th, so check back soon for the #humorcontest news!

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