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Sunday, March 18, 2012

I got the blues... the end of Spring Break blues...

Ho hum, it's that depressing time of year. The end of Spring Break. Yuck. It's been so nice to have time off to get stuff done, stay up late (check the time code on this post), sleep in late, watch basketball all day long (even if your team DOES majorly choke on the national stage), and generally be a lazy bum.

Last weekend, I was highly productive. I painted the baby's room (twice, since I didn't like the original color!), mowed the yard, and did some cleaning around the house. Earlier in the week, I graded tests, rated TELPAS writing samples, and did some lesson plans. Then the tournament began, and I was pretty much a lump on the couch for a couple of days.

Attended a wedding this evening, and my wife and I have a "Baby basics" class to attend tomorrow afternoon.

And then suddenly, it will be time to go to bed early for classes the next morning! Yikes!!

Anybody else got some Spring Break stories to share? Feel free in the comments section!


DesertDonna said...

Ah, TELPAS. That time of year when bewildered children write essays in Science class for no apparent reason.

Candy said...

My teacher husband is also the tech guy for my company. We had a major server go down on late Tuesday night. So yeah... he spent his Spring Breaking bringing that back up online. Yippee.

Jenni said...

I just finished reading both of your books and enjoyed them a lot. As a huge Duke fan I can understand how you are feeling. Friday was a sad night!

Mister Teacher said...

Yes indeed...