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Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Sounds about right

My room is cold. I'm sure I've said that before, but let me just say it again. It's cold. Pretty nearly everyone who walks in there immediately comments that it's freezing in there. I happen to like it. But today, when I noticed that several short-sleeved kids were shivering, I felt compelled to comment that this was the THIRD day of school and that it really shouldn't be a surprise to anyone that my room is still cold. Many of the kids have brought a sweater or coat, but a few haven't seemed to catch on.

So I asked the class, "You've been here 3 days now; how many days is it going to take before you realize that it's cold and that you need to bring a sweater?"

The boy closest to me immediately replied, "About 100 days."

And that just about sums up the thinking skills of my kids this year.

I did have another funny moment today at lunchtime. I was sitting next to one of my kids and we started talking about the new Wal-Mart that opened near his apartment. He told me that he loved to go there to buy chips and soda. When I asked him where he had gotten all of the money to buy these things, he told me that he does chores and his parents pay him.

"I've been working for money all my life," he told me.

Impressive. Most impressive.


Christie Critters said...

Cold - let me tell you about BONE CHILLING cold. Last winter (in Southern California) the heat in our building got turned off over the weekend ("They shut down one of the boilers"). Unfortunately that boiler didn't come back on line, but the blower fans did...
60 degrees in my office that day ("Just keep your coats on," said the facilities department).

The only liveable places in the building were the Microbiology room with all of the bunsen burners going and the autoclave room...

Sorry your kids are freezing and don't have sweaters. I recommend emptying all of the dispensers of papertowel and wrapping their little arms and legs in it.

Anonymous said...

Let them freeze. They will catch on after awhile. I used to teach in the trailers, and I was happy about that because I am over 35, it is hot here in the south, and the trailers are the only places where you have control over the temperature. When the kids comment on the cold, I tell them to bring a sweater and not to complain. Cold beats hot any old day of the week. If they complain after that, I make it colder. If they are going to complain, I am going to give them something to complain about.

By the end of the school year, the kids write letters to next years students who happen to "unfortunate" to get me as their teacher. They always offer two pieces of advice:
1. Don't EVER mess with her power points.
2. ALWAYS bring a sweater because the room is cold, and she will make it colder if you complain.

Now a days the temperature is controlled by some satellite office somewhere else. We are dying here in the south.

Semky said...

It sounds like you've got a very fertile crew this year ... material for your next book and a chance to form your own local chapter of Future Mensa Members of America!

Mister Teacher said...

Yep, they'll have to get used to it, because the temp in the room is out of my control! Everybody who's been in that wing says that the temp stays low even in the winter, so I might be hurting myself come January, but for now, it's a nice change of pace!
Bill, you're right, that's why I'm documenting now! :)