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Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Differentiation, anyone?

I was just surfing around at one of my new favoritest websites -- Mr. Teachbad -- and found this little gem of a video.

I love these little videos, ever since first seeing the one about iphones.

Kudos to Mr. Teachbad!

As a double Tuesday Tip o' the Hat, here is a link to the latest post on Regurgitated Alpha Bits, where Edna Lee shares some unfortunate (yet hilarious) ecological names from her students.


Kim Hughey said...

I love Mr. Teachbad too. And I could not stop laughing after watching the Iphone video. I've wanted an Iphone since I first saw one but Sprint owns my soul so I knew there was no way an Iphone would be in my future.

I broke down and bought the new 4G Epic when I lost my phone last October and my desire for an Iphone is a distant memory. I just love my new phone!

Mister Teacher said...

I do love my iphone. But that video was freaking hilarious!

Edna Lee said...

Again, a belated thank you for the hat tipping. I greatly appreciate the kudos!

Edna Lee said...

Oh, and I love my iPhone too. I call it my symbiant. (sorry for the DS9 reference.)

btw...the word verification I'm about to type in is "bangable". Just thought that might give you a giggle.

Mister Teacher said...

Edna Lee, bangable. Hmmm... ;)