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Thursday, June 03, 2010

It finally arrived!!!

The last day of this seemingly-interminable year has at last arrived and passed. There were plenty of kids that I enjoyed this year, but man, am I glad it's over.

Today, the kids pretty much just played games and had fun all day. Towards the end of each class, we made a little autograph paper, and I got the kids to sign one for me as well.

It's always fun to see what the kids write. There were plenty of "Your cool" and "Best teacher ever" (ticher, techer, teachr).

One boy wrote, "Have a great wedding," which was very nice.

One boy wrote his name and then "Your best student," which was highly wishful thinking on his part.

One girl wrote, "You're the teacher I never had." Huh??

For the most part, I wrote variations of "Have a great summer!" on the kids' papers. Except for the most annoying girl in the 3rd grade. RIGHT before she handed me her paper, she told me that some boy had written something nasty on someone else's paper. So I took her paper and wrote, "Please work on tattling less this summer!"

Teacher wrap-up day is tomorrow, and then the long summer break begins! YESSSSS!!


Mr. Halpern said...

We've got 9 days left. I've already gotten semi-weepy three times. I never get weepy, let alone semi-weepy. I fear teaching kindergarten has made me a big softy. I'm not proud of this. They are going to swipe my 'MAN' card soon.

Christy said...

ugh. i still have 13 days.

i love the comment on the kids paper...revenge is sweet.

Anonymous said...

Been loving the summer break for a week. =)

I too hope you have a nice wedding and a wonderful summer!