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Sunday, October 11, 2009

Baby Twitting

I have a couple of disturbing trends to report here today.

First, I have been to see several movie that are distinctly in the "adults-only-and-even-then-only-SOME-adults" category, yet each time, I am seated almost directly next to a child under the age of four!!!

My buddy and I went to see District 9 about a month ago, and there was a kid about 3 years old sitting 5 seats down from us! That was an awesome movie, but NOT for a child!!

Even worse, my girlfriend and I went to see Paranormal Activity on Friday night, and there was a ONE-YEAR-OLD sitting 6 seats away!!! That movie was scary as hell! What parent in their right mind takes a baby to see a movie like that???

The next disturbing trend is one I have decided to stick my toe into, and that is the world of Twitter. Yes, I have opened a Twitter account. So I invite all of you to "follow me" as I impart my words of wisdom. Yeah. :)

My user name is @learnmegood, and I hope to Tweet you soon!


Rachel said...

Yep, scary what parents let kids watch these days. I've had kids tell me about watching CSI on TV (in graphic detail) and seeing movies like the last Mission Impossible. Maybe kids are made of sterner stuff these days. As for me, I still think the apple-throwing trees and flying monkeys are pretty scary.

loonyhiker said...

It amazes me what parents let their kids see nowadays. My daughters used to get mad at me for not letting them see movies that other teens were going to. I told them that is the power of being the "mom"! They will have their turn when they become the "mom". Now that they are moms, it is a different story. LOL Glad to see you on twitter. Now you have to check out Plurk (it is like twitter; you can post on plurk and you can set it up to go to twitter and facebook so you only have to post one time).

Barbra The Bloggess said...

AH yes....Who needs Halloween when you see scary stuff like that? Perhaps the parents would be better off letting the child pick the movie if this is where there are headed.