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Thursday, September 03, 2009

No stupid questions

Yesterday, as we were completing our word problem of the day, I asked the kids if there were any questions. No hands went up, yet I knew that everyone had not quite gotten the concept because the solution required subtraction and a lot of kids had added.

So I told the kids that I wanted them to know that no one was going to laugh at them if they asked a question or said that they didn't understand. That no one was going to think that they were dumb for asking a question. That the only dumb thing would be if they did NOT understand but sat there without asking me to explain and then still didn't know for the next time.

Then I asked again if there were any questions. One boy raised his hand, and I called on him.

"Can I bring a soccer ball tomorrow?"

OK, that thing about no stupid questions? Nevermind.


Mary Mueller said...

You gotta love kids. HA Like the one I got this week. As we were exiting the building for recess, one girl stops and says, "Oooo it's wiggly outside." Ohhkayy now.

Melissa B. said...

The next time, if he asks about a golf ball, you might have cause for alarm. Otherwise, sounds like you're off to a great year!

superstargenius said...

Well, at least he raised his hand and didn't yell out.