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Tuesday, August 18, 2009

What a way to start your day

2nd day of staff development week -- strange beginning to the day.

I woke up this morning to find that one of my smoke detectors was beeping its "Low Battery" beep, a very annoying, yet persistent sound. Since there was still roughly 30 minutes until the time I actually WANTED to get up, I had to choose whether to get up and change the battery, or just suck it up and snooze. Since the latter hardly seemed possible, I got up, got out a folding chair, stood on it, wrenched the alarm off the ceiling and replaced the d*%n battery.

I've been having a new fence put in in my backyard, so I had parked my car out in front of my house last night. When I left the house this morning, I noticed that someone had sprayed shaving foam on 2 of my tires. Bizarre, and just a little weak. It's like they sprayed someone else really good, and then the can ran out when they got to me.

More sitting and listening at school today. We did do one fun activity where a teacher read a story about a star who was sad because she was smaller than all of the other stars, and who got some advice from the moon. Our task after that was to "jigsaw write," which meant taking turns around our table adding a piece of a story that continued where the book left off. I got to add a piece about the main character bulking up on "Starroids" -- Celestial Growth Hormone (CGH) -- and showing those other stars who was boss.


Ben from TN said...

Holy Cow--staff development WEEK? We have 2 days, and that's pretty tough to endure...I don't know that I could make it through an entire week.

#167 Dad said...

I guess I'm not the only teacher in America who despises the monumental waste of time and resources called staff developmnt...

Anonymous said...

Your story, the third grade team's story was super.

The "Specials" team story went nowhere. I think we as a group are too divergent in our collective thinking to produce anything coherent. Two music teachers an art teacher, a coach,a librarian and a TAG teacher. Whaddayaspect?

Christy said...

aah...staff development. I don't miss those. We have a day and a half before school starts, but every Friday is a late start day and we have an hour and a half of staff development. Some are good, some....not so much. sorry about the loss of income from early morning duty. that sucks.

Mister Teacher said...

Ben, well, I guess it's technically 3 days of staff development (mtgs and sessions) and 2 days of "working in our rooms and team planning." But 5 days we have to be there.

Dad, nope, and believe me, I feel for you starting so early. But does that mean you're out in early May?

AJ, good to have you commenting again, and thanks!

Lily, a day and a half. Nice. I actually know some districts that have TWO weeks of teacher prep before the kids come.

HappyChyck said...

I always love to hear staff development insanity. You just can't make that stuff up! Starroid! Great way to have fun!

Tom DeRosa said...

Your description from the last 2 posts reminds me of the pains of inservice days I've endured over the year. A lot of poorly made videos. A lot of sitting and listening.

What a shock that we can't make the children successful when we can't even make presentations to our fellow teachers interesting, engaging or worth going to.