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Wednesday, December 05, 2007

Sponsored by Campbells??

In the latest example of poor filtering by the Dallas Independent School District e-mail system, our inboxes have been flooded with messages that have the subject, "I need pantyhose and soup cans for fabulous Friday."

My first reaction was, "Well, who doesn't?" But then when I realized that I didn't recognize a single name of the 30-odd messages with that subject line, I decided not to open any of them and see what it was all about.

This new strategy by spammers and pranksters almost makes me more tolerant of the bogus e-mails that we typically get. I mean, as I was the leading all of those pantyhose messages, I was almost tempted to actually open up the e-mail that said, "Santa will bring more length and strength to your Willy!"

Almost, I said.

Has anyone else been contacted about "Fabulous Friday??"

In other news, this week's Carnival of Education is being hosted by Joel over at So You Want to Teach. Surf on over and check out the great links.


Joel said...

It amazes me at all of the weird spam subject lines I get. Some of them don't even make sense. Some don't even have a call to action in the email or subject line, or even a URL. It's just there to waste space and slow the internet down a little bit at a time...

By the way, thanks for the link!

Mister Teacher said...

I've gotten several emails with subjects that are just strings of random nouns.
"icicle astronaut cup tire"
Gee, how enticing! Makes me want to open it up and learn more!!

Double K said...

I got that very same email, as I too am a teacher in Dallas ISD. I could not get past all the idiots who continually responded to the email requesting to be taken off once the IT department emailed and said to ignore it. Drove me absolutely insane!

Ed U. Cater said...

I'm tempted to send out an e-mail for Monday with the subject line: "Looking for party hos with sets of cans." Think I'll get in trouble for that?

Joel said...

I thought I would find a random smattering of spam subject lines and post them here...

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