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Monday, November 06, 2006

Reader's Digestion

Back around the beginning of October, I made my book, Learn Me Good, available as a free electronic download -- and several people took me up on my offer. One of the stipulations though was that they agreed to post a review on Barnes & Noble's web site and
So far, only one person has posted a review (Thanks Ruth!)
Which leads me to one of the following conclusions regarding the other copies I sent out:

1) the e-book got lost in the cyber mail and somehow got posted mistakenly on the "Bring back Simon and Simon" message board.

2) after reading three pages, the recipient keeled over onto his/her keyboard, subject to a massive heart attack, stroke, and really nasty hang nail (what we in the medical business term the trifecta).

3) the recipient attempted to post a review, but received an error message from stating, "we done be all fulled up. Try next door."

4) the recipient just has not had time to read Learn Me Good yet, as he/she has been too busy dealing with troubled youths, wild animals, or impending alien invasions.

Whatever the reason, I would still definitely appreciate some feedback whenever the chance presents itself.



Mike in Texas said...


You're 113,313 in the Amazon book ratings!

Mister Teacher said...

Somebody must have bought a copy. Whenever that happens, the ranking goes from 1,056,389 to 80...

Anonymous said...

Are you prepared to extend the offer then? i missed it fist time round. I promise that I will do a review on both sites in swap for a electronic copy of your book. If you are interested, please email me on gstyles (at)
ps. I like your blog :)_

Anonymous said...
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