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Tuesday, November 18, 2014

If you can't count on your sweater...

So after losing in the Tournament of Champions, I felt I needed to point the blame somewhere.  So I looked no further than Lands' End.  Yes, THAT Lands' End, maker of fine quality upper wear.

Here's the scathing review I left on their FaceBook page:

The following is a review for a recently purchased Lands’ End product.

When I was invited to participate in this year’s Jeopardy Tournament of Champions, I knew I would need to study hard, and I knew I would need to look good. With those two goals in mind, I hit the library during the day and online shopping sites by night. While my knowledge base grew with each book I devoured, my curiosity for one of your sweaters grew with each page view. The Men’s Performance Half-Zip Mock Sweater piqued my interest more than anything else. Here was a great looking article of clothing that also, by its very name, purported to improve performance? This was exactly what I was looking for!

Or so I thought…

My Quarterfinal game of the tournament aired Monday, November 10, and as the world now knows, I did not win. Sure, I looked great in the black Lands’ End Men’s Performance Half-Zip Mock Sweater I had worn. Sure, I received many compliments on how stylish it looked over a dress shirt and tie. People even asked if it was comfortable, to which I had no choice but to honestly reply, “Indeed.”

However, the Men’s Performance Half-Zip Mock Sweater failed to help me win the Jeopardy Tournament of Champions, and for that reason, I cannot give this product anything over 2 stars.

The studio was a bit chilly that day, and the Men’s Performance Half-Zip Mock Sweater kept me warm, but it didn’t prevent my competitors from getting the first several clues in the game. It provided the outerwear for a fantastic, cinema-worthy photo taken with host Alex Trebek, but it did not stop brain farts from happening at crucial moments. Even with copious amounts of palm sweat rubbed on it, the Men’s Performance Half-Zip Mock Sweater was no help whatsoever in correctly responding to a very difficult, and ultimately fatal, Final Jeopardy clue.

For potential buyers out there – if you are looking for a piece of clothing that keeps you warm, looks good, feels good, and is reasonably priced, then I highly recommend the Lands’ End Men’s Performance Half-Zip Mock Sweater.

However - and I cannot stress this enough – if you are planning on appearing on Jeopardy and WINNING … Avoid this product at all costs!!!

If I am ever invited back to appear on Jeopardy, I may wear the Men’s Performance Half-Zip Mock Sweater while studying. I may wear it on the flight out to Culver City. I may even wear it in the evenings after taping while enjoying dinner and/or drinks with family and friends. But I can promise you, I will most certainly NOT be wearing it while competing!

Sincerely (and with tongue planted firmly in cheek),

John Pearson, Jeopardy champion and author of Learn Me Good and Learn Me Gooder

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