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Sunday, August 18, 2013

End of Summer Giveaway!

Here in Texas, the kids start school next Monday, the 26th, so this is our last week of summer (even though we're all busting our humps getting rooms ready and learning new tricks).  Therefore, since we're just about to start back up again, I figured what better time for a nice big contest!

Up front, let me state that the top prize in this contest is a THIRTY DOLLAR ($30) AMAZON GIFT CARD!!!

OK, now that I have your attention, let me get to other details.  The prizes will be the Amazon gift card, a signed copy of Learn Me Good, a signed copy of Learn Me Gooder, and three sets of LMG bookmarks (five per set).  In other words, there will be SIX winners in this contest, which runs this Monday through Wednesday only (Aug 19-21)!

Please be sure to read all of the details below, because there are ways to get multiple entries each day!

In conjunction with the contest, the Kindle editions of both Learn Me Good and Learn Me Gooder will be on sale for only 99 cents for these three days.  I sure would love to push into the Amazon top 100 right before school starts! :)

At the top of this blog, and on the Learn Me Good Facebook page, you will find a widget for Rafflecopter.  If you have a Facebook account, great!  You can just use that to sign in to the Rafflecopter contest.  If not, no problem, just sign up quickly for Rafflecopter.  It will keep track of all entries.

The first two entry methods are one-time shots only.  The first is becoming a fan of Learn Me Good on Facebook.  If you're already a fan, that's awesome!  Just click the button saying so, and you've already won 3 entries!  If you're not a fan yet, well what are you waiting for?

The second entry method is to follow me on Twitter.  Again, if you're already doing this, just tell me and you've already gotten those 2 entries.

The last two entry methods can score you up to 3 entries each day for the duration of the contest.  First, use your Twitter account to RT the tweet that is right there on the Rafflecopter contest page.  Click the button that says "Tweet" and you'll see it starts with "#LearnMeGood."  It's as simple as cut and paste!  I'm sorry I can only give credit for one RT per day, but those of you who are truly awesome friends and supporters, I would ask you to RT that tweet 5 or 6 or 7 times per day! 

Finally, you can get 2 additional entries per day by sharing a note on your FaceBook page.  Again, the note is contained right there on the Rafflecopter page, so you can cut and paste, or you can ad-lib it, but it needs to share information about the LMG sale and the giveaway contest.  And to count, you need to start your post with @learnmegood so that I can verify it!   If you'd rather cut and paste right from here, here it is!

Learn Me Good and Learn Me Gooder are on sale for only 99c for the next three days only!  Aug. 19-21, get them for your Kindle and enjoy the misadventures of teacher Jack Woodson!  I teach, therefore I am...poor.
And be sure to Like the Learn Me Good FB page and enter the contest to win a signed copy or an Amazon gift card!

You're all awesome, and I really look forward to seeing this contest take off this week!  Good luck to everyone!

Contest winners will be announced here on the blog by Saturday, August 24.  FaceBook policy does not announce winners to be announced on FaceBook.

BTW, if you don't already see the Rafflecopter contest box at the top of this page, try this link:

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