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Wednesday, June 01, 2011

Almost there

I remember back in September, when it seemed we would NEVER reach the end of the school year. And now here we are, only one day away from the end of the road.

We had our awards ceremony today, and that went really well. I wound up getting on stage 3 times -- once to fill in for my partner who wasn't there, once for my own class, and once to present the overall 3rd grade award to one of my kids. It was a tough room, too. Nobody even giggled when I said, "Remember me? I'm back!" when I went up on stage the second time.

Some of the awards were just certificates, some came with ribbons, and some came with medals. So of course I had to answer, "Why didn't I get one of THOSE?" several times after the ceremony.

Tomorrow will ideally be a really relaxed day. We are having a little pizza party for my 2 groups in honor of how well they did on the TAKS tests. Only 1 of my kids didn't pass it, and she later qualified for special ed! And only 3 of my kids didn't pass the reading test! So we are very proud of the kids and their efforts.

As long as I don't demolish any 5th graders, tomorrow should be a very good end to the school year.


Semky said...

I recently finished reading Learn Me Good and totally enjoyed it. I retold several coworkers (including some engineers) about my favorite part, flip-flopping, with Esteban's loud exaggerated counting along with his "nailed it" gesture, so was happy to find your video of you reading the same.

However, I digress from the main reason I decided to leave a comment...

When is your NEXT book? Surely, the material is never-ending in your classrooms!

Mister Teacher said...

Hey Semky!

Thanks for the comment! I'm glad that engineers get a kick out of it too, because while it's obviously more tailored towards teachers, I tried to throw in some cubicle jargon too. :)

I'm glad you asked about Learn Me Gooder -- which I am hard at work at, and plan to have published by the beginning of September. Maybe a few weeks sooner. Progress is going well. The stories are written, I'm just going in and adding the HPU references, and then I'll polish it up and put it out there!

In the meantime, if you're on facebook, I try to post once a day funny stuff (not sure how much I'll have now that the school year is over though).



Semky said...

Hey John,

Great news about Learn Me Gooder, surely to be followed by Learn Me Goodest!

Your stories are really for everyone who ever went to school. Teachers will appreciate them from a front line point-of-view, but funny is funny!

The design engineering / manufacturing company I work for happens to include HPU's in their products, so our engineers identify with that and the fact that you were once one of "them". We've also adopted "shout the fouk up" behind HR's back (I hope!).

I've read many books because reviews led me to believe they were LOL funny. Not so for me in most cases, but your stuff actually did lead me there, ala Dave Barry.

Have a great summer off while I slave away trying to make sense of customers and engineers!

Mister Teacher said...

Semky, that's awesome! So what does HPU stand for at your company?
It's funny that I went from a company that manufactured "TECs" -- Thermo-Electric Coolers -- to a school that taughts "TEKS" (pronounced the same) -- "Texas Essential Knowledge and Skills.

Don't get caught using "Shout the Fouk Up" in public! :)

Semky said...

John ... HPU in this old salt mine stands for Hydraulic Power Unit. As the business major contracts manager here, you might well imagine how boring this can be for me occasionally, so I'm always looking for humor tomes to keep me going (not at work, of course).

The way some folks pronounce "text" or "texts" sounds like TECS and TEKS, so you're right up with today's lingo, but that "word" following you around is odd nonetheless.

I'll definitely avoid using "Shout the Fouk Up" in public now, especially after that guy was thrown off his flight a few days ago!