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Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Reason and mind = success?

Tomorrow will be the first day I've reported to my school this week. It's not because I've been sick or even that I haven't wanted to go. It IS Benchmark week after all, and who doesn't love a good BM?

Instead, I have been off-site at a training with the other 3rd and 4th grade math teachers for a computer program that is supposed to revolutionize the way math is taught and turn all of our students into geniuses.

We'll see.

The program is called Reasoning Minds, and their data shows major success in the Houston ISD and a couple of California and St. Louis schools. If there is anybody reading this who has actually USED this program, I would love for you to weigh in and let me know what you think of it.

Though it seems like something my district has jumped on in a fit of impulse (and midway through the school year!), I am trying to be optimistic about it. Maybe it really WILL help some of my lower kids with their number sense issues. It will certainly keep my higher kids occupied and hopefully give them some harder extension questions, giving me time to work with those lower kids.

Again, we'll see.

From academic fitness news to body fitness news, Joel of So You Want to Teach and Carol of Bellringers have begun a new blog about a fitness challenge they have begun with one another. If you've ever wanted to participate in or just observe the trials and tribulations of people trying to whip themselves into shape, be sure to head over to their fitness blog!

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

I went to their website, and it looks pretty cool.I teach fifth grade in Dallas also, and some of the stuff looks pretty difficult. Still, it's more interesting than the PowerPoint presentations in Texas Mathematics.