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Saturday, May 23, 2009

The results are in!

The TAKS results came in earlier this week, and I finally told my kids how they had done yesterday. Overall, my scores were really good. Out of 37 kids tested, I had 32 pass and 10 get Commended (missed 3 or less questions).

I was a bit sneaky in how I broke the news to the kids. I had told them before the test that I would throw an ice cream party for everyone who passed the test, but earlier in the week I told them that I was pleased with how everyone had tried their best, so they would all be getting ice cream.

Yesterday morning, I wrote a small note and picked 2 kids to take it across the hallway to my partner teacher. I then told the class that they had done really well, we'd all be enjoying ice cream, oh, and by the way -- you all passed! Every one who I was talking to passed!

Of course, the note I wrote asked my partner to hold those 2 kids there for a couple of minutes, and of course, those 2 kids were the ones from that class that had not passed. I intercepted them in the hallway on their way back and broke the news to them gently.

Did the same thing with my afternoon class and the 3 kids that didn't pass.

Out of the 5 kids who didn't pass, 4 of them were really close. It would appear that they missed passing by only 1 or 2 questions.

We also got the results of the 2nd reading test, and combined with the FIRST results, the 3rd grade rocked this year! We had a 94 or 95 percent passing rate, which is spectacular for our area!

Now we just have SEVEN more days of school left to trudge through...


Double K said...

I was so very excited when my kids scores came in. I'm a SPED teacher and I had multiple kids commended on math, reading, and science. I am just so proud of them and the amazing amount of growth I saw in the kids from last year to this year.

Christy said...

those darn tests are so tied to your emotions, I remember waiting with bated breath for those scores and comparing scores with the teacher who showed movies every day and realizing my kids did WORSE. NCLB is crap.

Margaret said...

what are you going to do with the 5 who didn't pass while the others are enjoying their ice cream?

Margaret said...

wait a sec...just re-read..they're all going to enjoy ice cream together.

Unknown said...

gotta say, I am impressed with that tactic... smart and gentle

Mister Teacher said...

KK, Kongrats! :)

Lily, that SUCKS! Yes, I'm not a big fan of our entire measurement of growth hanging on one stupid test.

Margaret, I DID let everyone scream for ice cream. :)

Kate, thanks!

IMC Guy said...

Congrats on your hard work! I hope you enjoyed the ice cream.